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MUS Field House Construction Begins

MUS Field House Construction Begins

In about nine months MUS athletes will have shelter from the storm. Supporters broke ground April 3 for the Field House, a $2.2 million indoor, multi-sport facility just north of the Dunavant-Wellford Tennis Center. The nearly 37,000-square-foot, pre-engineered steel building with a 43-foot-high ceiling will house four tennis courts for practice and matches, and it will be adaptable for other court and field sporting activities.

“With almost 85 percent of our boys competing in sports at MUS, it is not a stretch to say that almost all of them will see the benefit of this new building,” Coach Bobby Alston, director of athletics, said. “By design it accommodates four tennis courts, but you could quickly reconfigure it into four basketball courts.”

That versatility means soccer and lacrosse teams could share the space in inclement winter weather, and the next day the baseball and track teams could train there, Alston said. MUS summer camps could use the space in the event of rain or excessive heat. In late summer and fall, the football teams could have a sheltered place to practice.

The Field House will include a men’s locker room and showers and women’s facilities, plus bleachers, energy-saving lighting, and a high-efficiency heating system. Wide garage-type side doors and ventilation fans will promote cross breezes to cool the space in warmer months.

Brett Grinder ’91, vice president of Memphis-based contractor Grinder, Taber & Grinder Inc., expects the Field House to be open for play by January 2014.

Pictured, from left, are Alex Wellford ’60, John Pettey ’67, Headmaster Ellis Haguewood, Brett Grinder ’91, and Chuck Smith ’66.