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Christie Medical Holdings moving to East Memphis

Memphis Business Journal
By Michael Sheffield

The manufacturer of the VeinViewer is moving its Memphis office to Lenox Park.

Christie Medical Holdings Inc. will relocate from Downtown to Lenox Park in mid-August. Company officials attribute the decision to an increase in sales of the VeinViewer, which was invented and originally developed in Memphis by Luminetx. Christie Digital Systems acquired Luminetx and the VeinViewer in 2009.

The VeinViewer uses a patented technology to locate subcutaneous veins and project a real-time image of their location onto the surface of the skin, aiding technicians trying to place IV needles in patients. Christie Medical estimates nine out of every 10 procedures within a hospital start with IV access, and there are more than 1 billion vein punctures performed annually in the U.S. alone.

“Our team has made incredible strides in the past five years,” said George Pinho, president of Christie Medical Holdings. “We have expanded our support programs to bring a greater value to our customers and improved the design of VeinViewer to meet their needs.”